Curriculum Junction’s Consignment Postings

This is a courtesy program for Homeschool families who want to resell curriculum materials their children have outgrown. New or used textbooks, teacher materials, puzzles, games, flash cards, science equipment, etc.

Participation Guidelines

TO POST YOUR ITEMS: Mail or email the following Inventory Submission Information.

Your Name, Address, State, Zip
Contact Phone Number
E-mail Address (this is used for confirmation purposes unless otherwise stated by you)
Title or Name (of each item you want to sell)
Quantity (how many of the same item)
Publisher’s Name and Publishing Date
Selling Price
Brief, but complete Item Description
Clear Photo (Optional. We can also post your item without a photo.)
*Supplied information will be posted on the web so people can contact you. If there is certain information you chose to have withheld, please let us know in advance.

CONDITION OF ITEMS : All resale items, new or used, posted on HSAI web must be clean, complete, and useable condition. Puzzles, games, flashcards—items containing pieces—must contain the correct number of pieces. If your product is flawed from use, state the facts honestly.

DROP-OFF ITEMS: We accept drop-off items. We will sort and post the items for you. We will make them available to families visiting HSAI or calling to pick-up items. When your items sell, you will receive a check and itemized list of sold goods.

ITEM DONATIONS: We accept donations of any type of educational materials, hand-made craft items, etc. Some items are sold to help our program grow, some items are added to our resource library and some are given to families who do not have financial resources to purchase all the curriculum their children may need.All gifts are tax deductible.

PRICING: If you are not sure about pricing, we will sell your item(s) at market value determined by the amount of use or ware and tare of each item.

CRAFT ITEMS: We accept and will post handcrafted items that students have made, one-of-a-kind items that families find useful and have created to share with other homeschoolers or educators. A clear photo is required for each handcrafted item or it will not be posted.

SALE NOTIFICATION: If you choose to personally sell your own items and just have HSAI post your item(s), please notify HSAI within 72 hours (3 days) of sale so the item posting can be removed.

SALES TAX: We are required to charge sales tax on all in-house items sold in accordance with Wisconsin State Law.

SHIPPING: If you are selling your own item(s), you the seller is solely responsible for packaging and shipping the product to the purchaser. The purchaser is solely responsible for paying you, the seller. HSAI assumes no responsibility if the consignment item is not shelved within our facility; and reserves the right to remove all posted items from the web at any time if complaints are received regarding deceptive or unfair business practices by the seller. Shipping is charged to mail all in-house items.

COST: There is a suggested Donation of $3.00 when you submit your Inventory List or drop your items off. Your donation of any size financially helps to keep our programs running and is tax deductible. If you are sending information via E-mail, you can go to our “Donation” page and pay by credit card. You will then receive a confirmation. If you are sending your information via US Mail, please make your donation check or money order payable to: Homeschool America. Address your envelope: Homeschool America, Consignment Posting, 313 N High Street, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538. Please do not send cash.



WHAT IS IT? The Community Bread Kitchen opened in 2007 and is facilitated by Homeschool America members. Its goal as a Christian based program is to assist families in need while complementing already existing community food programs.

HOW DOES IT WORK? People in the community and surrounding areas can pick-up bread products to supplement their family’s daily diet. Individuals physically unable to pick-up baked goods who live within the local area can call to arrange delivery.

WHO IS ELIGABLE? Homeschool families, low-income families, senior citizens on restricted budgets, people who do not have financial resources to meet daily nutritional needs. Our distribution is not restricted to city or county boundary lines.

WHERE DO BAKED GOODS COME FROM? Commercial bakeries here in Wisconsin donate the baked goods. Variety and selection depend on availability.

WHEN IS BREAD AVAILABLE? Bread can be picked-up between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm the 2 nd and 4 th Wednesday afternoon of each month unless otherwise stated. No early pick-ups are allowed. Avoid waiting in line by arriving after 1:30 pm.

HOW IS THE PROGRAM FUNDED? The Bread Kitchen is totally supported by private donations from community residents. Numerous volunteers make the program function in its bi-weekly capacity. We have no paid staff; everyone volunteers their time, talents and energy. Thanks to your financial gifts and community support we now serve 500 people monthly.

WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR ME TO PARTICIPATE? Each family unit is required to fill out a general information form—name, physical address, phone number, total household members, etc. This information provides a calculated figure for bread orders, a way to contact you regarding schedule or location changes and a service record.

WEATHER? During winter months the Bread Kitchen will continue to serve family needs. When weather conditions are unfavorable causing school closings and community cancellations on a Tuesday morning, there will be no bread pick-up or delivery on Wednesday. You will need to wait until the next scheduled date. Please Note: if Tuesday is a clear weather day, but Wednesday is bad weather, Thursday will be considered bread pick-up day for that week. When in doubt, call.

For questions, location information or delivery Call (920) 650-3927.