Use Keyboarding First to learn to type! No hunting and pecking!

Keyboarding First is a new, developmentally appropriate, color-coded, touch-control keyboarding book for all beginning typists from ages 5 to 95. This free-standing, 144 page book introduces one new key per lesson as students practice on any word processing software screen (no new software needed). The goal is good basic techniques, speed and accuracy will follow.

Students begin the first lesson by applying basic hand/posture techniques on the free, washable, color-coded keyboard before practicing on an actual keyboard. This introductory keyboard enables students to connect the individual finger that is assigned to each key.Fonts, colors, and page design were carefully chosen to also help the visually impaired students. Lessons start with individual letters, patterns, progress to words, sentences and paragraph emphasizing Language Arts, and culminate with a report and block letter.

Free Basic Instructions for individuals usingKeyboarding First are included with each purchase of a book and keyboard.

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If 15+ books/keyboards are purchased, you will receive a free Teachers Resource Guide CD and Teacher Training DVD to help teachers get started with group instruction.

For more information visit Available at Homeschool America. $48.95 plus shipping.

Keys to the Kingdom
A unique group game that challenges and teaches Christian principles in an environment of fun and fellowship. Each player is given the opportunity to forfeit their turn so another player can gain what they need to get ahead. The player that gives the most, moves ahead and wins. The real competition is in how much your give!

The value packed principles include:

  • Being aware of the needs of others.
  • Realizing winners are not necessarily the ones ahead.
  • Distinguishing the relationships between PRIDE & HUMILITY, DOUBT & FAITH, and DECEPTION & TRUTH.
  • Seeing how the FLESH works against your ultimate goal.
  • Discovering how to become a Christian.
  • Learning that God’s GRACE is closer than we think.
  • Encourages Scripture memorization.
  • Reveals what the Christian walk is all about.

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HOMESCHOOLOPOLY® plays like any other “Monopoly®” type game so most already know how to play it. The theme of the game of course is homeschooling!

HSLDA is in the game so even if the Truant Officer sends you to Court, you can use your Get Out of Court HSLDA Member card. The properties are real homeschool companies (like Rosetta Stone, Sonlight Curriculum, Rainbow Resources, etc.) with information about the company on the back of the property card. Stacks of books (houses) are purchased for your properties with the ultimate goal of acquiring “Keys to Knowledge” (hotels).The most popular forms of Homeschool transportation make up the “railroads”: Big Family Bus, Cool As Can Be SUV, Many-Van (get it?) and Wee Little Wagon. The money in the pot goes to “Field Trip!”. Be careful or you might land on and have to pay the $200 Public School Tax where dad is shown shedding a few tears. The Grace and Mercy cards (Chance/Community Chest) are homeschool themed and very funny!

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