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Homeschool America is presently in the process of upgrading our Library and Healthy Lifestyle web pages. If you are a homeschool family and would like to participate, we are looking for:

Created product(s) that effectively assist home-based education learners.

Simple healthy living tips, food awareness news, safe food recipes, positive ways to combat food and environmental allergies, non chemical related, that you can share without copyright infringements.

Homeschool news happenings; everyday out of the ordinary events, humorous, legal, political, etc. Fresh ideas to make information more user friendly for the homeschool family.

Ministry programs that have been developed and are run by homeschool kids.

We have also now opened our pages to product and service advertising. If you, as a homeschool family, have a product or service that specifically pertains to home-based education, we will review it for posting and assist you with cost information.

Email us your questions or information at:; or send your information or questions to:
Homeschool America, 313 N High Street, Fort Atkinson, WI  53538. We appreciate your support.


Beware of ANYONE who calls and tries to get information from you regarding how you homeschool, what your homeschool day looks like, etc.

I received a phone call yesterday from a woman (who sounded VERY masculine).  She claimed to be from the Homeschool Fund based in Purcellville, VA.  (S)he advised me that our homeschool group (MEACH) has been nominated for a $2,000 Scholarship and all I had to do was answer several questions.  I would be given points based upon my answers.  Then I would have the privilege of asking her (a Christian homeschooling mom with 12 children who is also a psychiatrist) five questions of my own.

Somewhere into the conversation we (I had two other homeschooling moms with me on speakerphone) began to believe it really was not what it seemed.  We asked for information about this fund, this person and basically got nothing that was useful.  I knew something was not right, when (s)he  “a homeschooling mom of 12 who claimed to have been homeschooling for a long time” did not even know what HSLDA was when they are based in the same town.   We claimed that our battery on the phone was dying and tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

I contacted HSLDA today to see if others were getting calls like this.  I was told that there is a person who THEY BELIEVE is trying to gather information from homeschoolers to use against homeschoolers.  It is a man, who claims to be a woman.  However, he originally began this by claiming to be a part of HSLDA, but they have been trying to track him and they now think that he is changing his tactics.

This person called me on my private cell phone, which is not listed on any public sites.  This was the reason I accepted the call as legitimate in the beginning stages. (It really does not make sense now!)  I have been asked by HSLDA to warn my fellow homeschoolers about this.

If you get a call like this, do not answer any questions.  TRY to get information from this person.  A name, a contact number, a web page, etc.  and call HSLDA @540-338-5600.  They are working with officials to try to stop this person.

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